ImMeganLive - GRAPEFRUIT TECHNIQUEYou know that feeling when you watch a video, you see this great idea and you tell yourself that you REALLY want to try this out ­čÖé You’re following me right! Well it all started when he was in the living room and really down about his day…he wanted to chill a bit to release some stress. Since I’m such a good girlfriend, I had to help him out with the best skills that I have….sucking cock! So I went on my knees and started to give him the best blowjob ever; a nice and sloppy one. I waited until it was sloppy enough to introduce this great idea that I had to try! The GrapeFruit Technique by Auntie Angel! So, I asked him to follow me to the kitchen and showed him what I had in mind. It involved a knife (then he got scared and thought he did something wrong (lol!)…I then reassured him showing the grapefruit and started to make a whole in the middle of it. Went down on my knees again. I blew his mind…and his cock (lol) with this technique. It was EXTRA SLOPPY and tasted so good…stroking his cock hard in round motion while sucking it! He liked it so much that he came hard ALL OVER my face!Download ImMeganLive in – GRAPEFRUIT TECHNIQUE

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