Kattypretty - 10 naughty challenges for Kate1. Perform a teasing striptease in bedroom wearing closed toe heels a dress and undies, untill fully nude. Blow me a kiss and say something naughty with my name. 2. Walk around your bedroom and do several sexy teasing poses. 3. Sit on your window shelf with your back facing outside close curtains in front of you or keep them open depending on hoe comfortable you feel. 4. Lie facedown on bed legs up in the air and balance a viberator or vibrating phone on one of your feet for 10 seconds. 5. sit on bed legs spread as wide as possible and suck one of your nipples. 6. do a closeup of your pussy and rub your clit for 10 seconds. 7. Insert pinky finger in ass and as many fingers of same hand in pussy as you can, masturbate whilst saying the alphabet. 8. Just wearing a jacket nothing else go outside in garden and slowly unzip fully. 9. Film yourself crawling up your stairs nude back to your bedroom. 10. sit on bed Insert your 2 middle fingers and curl them towards belly you have 3 minutes to make yourself squirt you may need a towel.Download Kattypretty in – 10 naughty challenges for Kate

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