RussianBeauty - Eating thick sperm from glass after BJ and long FuckCustomer wrote: I would like the semen of your boyfriend to be very thick, like in the video that you couldn’t swallow. The script can be this: 1) you start blowing him, 2) he fucks you in missionary position, 3) then when he feels he is going to come he stop fucking you and cums in a shotglass. Do you have a shotglass at home? Ideally it would be awesome if it’s transparent. You should hold the shotglass with your hands while the is cumming. Then, you show the semen close to the camera to see the texture. Then you bend the shotglass into your mouth let the semen poor into your mouth. Make sure to catch it all. Then, you show the semen to the camera and then you swallow it. It would be awesome if you can describe what the semen felt in your throat when you swallow it. What do you think? I would love the semen to be very thick don’t need to have a special diet. Let your man eat whatever he likes. However, I would like him not to dr ink almost any water for three days and not cum so that his ballsack gets full and his semen is thick.Download RussianBeauty in – Eating thick sperm from glass after BJ and long Fuck

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